Examples Of Cosmopolitan Canopies

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be even, and you begin to understand every individual.
You can go back as far as you can find in history for examples of how sports and various playing fields have been “Cosmopolitan Canopies”. The oldest example may very well be the Olympic Games. The Olympics have been putting athletes together since 776 B.C. The first modern games were held in 1896 and ever since then the Olympics have been what we know them as today. The Olympics is the place where your race, age, wealth, sexual orientation, or physical appearance don’t matter. When you step onto the field, or the track or into the pool, you are just the same as every person you are competing against. Every Olympic athlete shows up with one goal in mind, and that is to prove that they are the best. They want to prove that to
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Possibly even more than all of these, they want to prove this to their competitors. Athletes understand the amount of work it takes and the practice that is needed to compete at any sport, and respect is given to each other because of this fact. Athletes compete against one another under every scenario imaginable. This includes wars, political uprisings, health scares, and disagreements. Through it all, they unite on the field and they instantly become understanding and find themselves rooting for each other. You can relate the Olympics to a softball field because every single person out there is competing for the same thing. And eventually you find yourself to love that person as family because you are all the same person on the field. The Olympics show a great example of diversity because there are people from every country there and they are all competing for the same exact thing. Not one person is greater than another, and people need
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