Examples Of Courage In Jane Eyre

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If everyone was considered to be a “heroine,” the term would no longer have true meaning. In order to be classified as a true “heroine,” she needs to possess noble qualities such as courage, bravery or determination. A person who is indeed a heroine needs to be their own hero. Throughout the novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, we discover that Jane has many positive qualities. Jane is a heroine, as a result of her most significant trait, courage. Following your gut feeling is courageous because when one is capable of doing this, one ultimately trust themselves, which is not always effortless to do. Jane displays courage by following her gut feelings multiple times throughout the novel. Rochester has been trying to convince Jane to…show more content…
Jane stands up for herself through demonstrating resistance to forces that go against her. Jane does not want to marry St.John. She says what she wants to say "I scorn your idea of love" (471). She believes his love for her, is a mockery. She is not letting him get away with that. She is standing up for what she believes in. Another example of Jane resisting is when Rochester is trying to dress her up "No, no, sir! ….I am your plain, Quakerish governess." (299). Jane is staying true to herself by resisting the jewels and the fancy gowns. Rochester is not a guy who is told “no” often. The fact the Jane was able to accomplish that, really shows how strong and powerful Jane truly…show more content…
After Mrs. Fairfax warned Jane about Rochester, Jane states “I was about to mechanically obey him” (306). This indicates that jane would be a robot essentially to Rochester: she will be a “toy” to Rochester. Jane had “uncertainty” and had “lost a sense of power” Thus making her not in charge of her own actions. However, Jane was also asked herself “What was I to do? Where to go?”. These are “intolerable questions” for Jane. She has no place to go. And some may insist she did not think it through. However, the weaknesses exhibit strength and courage. Going through a rough patch only made Jane stronger in the end. Jane gains tactics to control what happens in the future.
Although some may oppose to the idea of Jane being a heroine, Jane, in fact, is a heroine, because of her courage. From the beginning to the end of Jane Eyre not solely the reader gets to knows Jane, Jane also learns about herself and grows as a person. The more a person knows about themselves, the more they can trust themselves to make the right decisions in the future. A heroine needs to get to know themselves before they are fully a heroine. They need to be their own
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