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“ Courage sometimes skips a generation. Thank-you for bringing it back to our family”. The Help shows that courage is needed to bring about change. ‘Discuss
Tate Taylor’s film The Help is set in the early 1960’s of Jackson, Mississippi. It is a story of three women who take an extraordinary risk in writing a novel based on the stories from the view of African American maids and nannies. The film shows that courage is needed to bring about change in people’s lives and beliefs. A young aspiring author writes a novel based on true stories that she then publishes. The maids and nannies share their cruel and harsh experiences with others and a maid is brave enough to stand up to her white boss. Thus, this explains that courage can bring change.
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During the entire film African Americans are treated poorly. Whether it was them not being able to use the same toilet as the white people or have to move to the back of the bus when a white person entered.
The maids Aibileen and Minny take on Skeeter’s suggestion to share their awful experiences. They build up their bravery and take a risk “Alright, I’m gonna do it. But I need to make sure she understands this ain’t no game we playin’ here” their courage is shown by them agreeing to do this knowing what the consequences could be. A mid shot is used by the director to emphasize
So when Aibileen, Minny and others were suggested by Skeeter to share their awful stories, they built up enough bravery and took a vast risk. “Alright, I’m gonna do it. But I need to make sure she understands this ain’t no game we playin’ here” said by Minny. Despite knowing what the consequences stood if she and others got caught telling their rough life, Minny wanted to share her story and tell everybody what she’s been through and what she is still going through. “Slide your chair out from under that table and face me. I need to see you square on at all times”, the camera angle used in this scene shows Minny’s demanding face and how serious she is about Skeeter getting this information right, she looks directly at Skeeter while saying this displaying to the audience the importance of the situation. For this
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She displays her bravery throughout the film many times. One time that stands out is when she stands up to her white boss Hilly. Hilly is a richer, white woman that dresses formally, has her make up done extremely and is just over the top all the time. After Minny quits being Hilly’s maid she comes back later with a pie specially made for her. “No, no, no Missus Walters. That’ Miss Hilly 's special pie” Tate uses a mid-shot during this scene showing the smirk on Minny’s face when she says this. The expression on her face shows the courage Minny has doing this, she gets some revenge on Hilly, a woman who has been bossing her around and treating her badly for years. “Eat my shit” says Minny right after Hilly eats two slices of pie with her crap in it. This shows the audience how courageous Minny was saying and doing this deed. The audience is given a clear view of who the brave one is that does brave actions in this film. In addition this shows how courage brings change to someone’s
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