Examples Of Courage In The Hunger Game

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How do we see courage in The Red Badge of Courage and hunger game”
Hunger game and the red badge of courage are two classical works that describe one of the greatest things in the world----courage. In those masterpieces, both author put a great effort on describing how did their story’s protagonist overcame those difficulties in the war in order to structure a perfect story and impress their audiences. Although the two author used different way to present “courage” on their protagonists, there are still two way that the two author both used to present courage; first, both authors show courage on their story’s protagonists by illustrating their protagonists’ feeling after they made the decision and the reason of why they made their decision. Second, both author also illustrate the process of how did the two
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During the hunger game, Katniss had done way more things that shows her courage for example, save the boy from his own tribute, get medicine pack for him, take care of Rue and eat poison food with his companion to end the crucial game... In the whole hunger game, Katness always try her best to every challenge. To make the essay easier to understand, I am going to analyze Katness’ behavior of rescuing her companion. Like Katness's advisor had indicated," when you are in the middle of the game and you are starving or freezing, some water, a knife or even some matches can mean the difference between life and death". Everything is precious during the competition. Competitor from other territory knows that too, so everyone who survive in the battle will try their best to get the rescue goods. However, to rescue her only companion Peta, Katniss still try to get a bundle for him although Peta ask him to stay and she knows how hard this challenge will be. That's really brave for a girl; this typical episode in the movie will surely be enough to tell everyone how brave this girl
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