Examples Of Courage In Times Of Adversity

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Courage in Adversity Since childhood, I was raised to believe marriage is forever and to deal with problems and work past them since. However, six years ago I realized even with that belief, periodically you must find the courage deep within you to do some “do something”. I believe the courage to do what is necessary in times of adversity, however intimidating or challenging, is deep within you and you must step out and find that courage. Married to a man who turned out to a controlling narcissist for 25 years, proved to be harrowing. I jumped when he came home, our household became stressed when he was around, and the kids dreaded to ask him permission to do activities. He put me down every day in private, in public, and in front of the kids and he had nothing favorable to say to me or about me. Over the course of 15 years he talked about a fantasy of seeing me have sex with another man and having a threesome. This grew over the years, he obsessed over the thought, and he began trying to set something up with other men without my knowledge. This became all he thought about. With the realization, I was viewed as an object by the one who once promised to love me above all, I became severely depressed and…show more content…
I endured constant bullying from my husband and felt like a failure. I lived with a stigma of being associated as just a failed marriage instead of a person and some people supported me, others didn’t understand. I realized I couldn’t worry about what others thought of me as they aren’t living my life. It took months for me to stop overanalyzing everything someone said to me and to gain self-confidence. The hardest matter was to abolish disgusting images out of my head that I didn’t want to think about, which he put in there. After a couple years, I finally attained my laughter back. A longtime friend said, “this is the Cheri I
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