Examples Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The Courage of Atticus
There are many characters in the book ‘’To kill a Mockingbird'’ by Harper Lee who are considered brave. I think there are many, but I think the bravest character of them all is Atticus Finch. Out of all the characters he goes through alot in his life. The way the book ‘’To Kill a Mockingbird’’ explains courage as doing the right thing no matter how hard it may be. I believe Atticus Finch does that more than any other character. This is set in the 1930,which means it is the great depression. At that time you could not be weak and give up. You had no other choice but to be brave and have courage only if you wanted to live. He took the most risk for his family that takes courage.

The reason I find Atticus Finch the most courageous is for many reasons explained throughout the entire book. There isn't just one part or reason why he is brave. For example Atticus takes the Tom Robinson …show more content…

They find Aruther Radley such a mysterious character in the book and try to invite him to ice cream by getting a note to a fishing pole and putting it through Arthur Radley's window. Atticus Finch catches them in the act. Not only is Atticus the bravest character in the book ‘’ To Kill a Mockingbird’’ he also is arguably the one who has to go through the most trouble in the book. A little part in the movie and the book there is a part that I think took a lot of courage but Atticus Finch didn't show it, because he had to perk up and do the right thing. This part of the book was the part where Atticus Finch had to put down the dog with rabies. The part is small but it shows a lot of courage for Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch also has to teach Jim Finch that it is not a man with a gun that makes you courageous, it is doing the right thing when you know you have a little chance of winning or the outcome would be

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