Examples Of Covert Advertising

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Marketing is one of the biggest and most important sectors in a business because without marketing, people would not know about the product and the company would suffer. Marketing is made up of getting the product (Runway magazine) from the producers to the consumers. This magazine needs to satisfy the needs of the consumer, it needs to be at an affordable price, it needs to be in a place that is convenient for consumers and there needs to be promotions for the product ( these are known as the four policy instruments used in marketing; product ,price, place, and promotion.) In order for the company (Runway) to know what product is in demand, the price consumers are willing to pay, the place that is convenient and the promotion
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Covert advertising, is when another brand is embedded in entertainment/media and although it used to be uncommon, it is now one of the most effective marketing tools used. This advertising is evident in two case with two different products throughout the movie; the first case being that Miranda and all her staff and assistants are using Apple computers, no matter what Miranda is doing, the Apple computer is shown fully and clearly in the camera shot. Another example of covert advertising is when Nigel takes Andrea into the beauty department and begins to pick clothes out for her, he looks over to the shoe section, picks up a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and states that she is in desperate need of these! This is definitely covert advertising as he is promoting Jimmy Choo’s in a very positive light and makes it seem like if she doesn’t have a pair of them, she won’t…show more content…
If the public relations team can complete this task successfully it will result in the company having a good reputation and sales will increase therefore maximizing profit and completing business goals. However, if they are unsuccessful they need to take responsibility and come up with ways on how they are going to fix it. Public relations must focus on aiming their positive image at everyone and not only their target market so that they can encourage people to try their product therefore increasing the company’s market share. If the public relations team are successful when creating the company’s positive image, it will make suppliers continue to provide goods/services, customers will stay loyal to the company, finical investors will support loans, investors will continue to invest and employees will stay loyal to the company. Media will also continue to promote the business and not only is it an advantage of good public relations, it is also an opportunity for public relations. The media spreads word about company’s through all social Medias including the television, radio, Facebook, twitter etc. This rapid flow of information can either be positive for the business or negative, if the business pays for the media it is known as advertising and is mainly good where as if they are not paying bad things could be said about the business and a negative

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