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Before going to creative writing lets first discuss about "writing”. Writing is an incredible source of communication to express oneself; it is also used to pass on information. There can be many motivations for writing such as publication, storytelling, correspondence and dairy. Writing also helps in preserving our history.

There is famous quote which states that “writing is a painting of voice" by voiltare.

Coming to creative writing, creative writing is a form of expressing creative ideas and thoughts of writers through written words, basically it is just an art of making things up. Mostly it involves writing of novels, poetry, short stories auto biographies, biographies. Creative
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Memoirs: Memoir is nothing but a collection of events of a person’s life whether it be public or private, for example one can write a travel memoir to describe the travel experience in his/her life.
• Poetry: Poetry is form of literature which uses rhythmic usage of words.
• Speeches: speeches are the ability to express one's thoughts and feeling through articulate sounds. Speech is a great form of creative writing as they can motivate people.
• Song’s lyrics: writing songs is another fun way of creative writing as it is mostly similar to poems but it combines both art of music and art of writing.
• Movie and television scripts: This is also another popular form of creative writing where a person uses their creative ideas to develop the screen plays for movies and also TV series.
• Blogging: Blogging is nothing but a some sort of text displayed on a webpage.blogging can also be considered as creative writing when a person uses their blogs to share their ideas, emotions and experiences. Creative writing courses are offered across the world starting from high school level to graduate/undergraduate degree level and adult education. Bachelor of fine arts (BFA) is the degree which is offered for writers in creative writing at undergraduate

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