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A hero is not always someone with power. A true hero can be a person that inspires you to be better in life. Many heroes simply help other in danger. Police officers, firefighters and even doctors give people strength to overcome problems. What kind of qualities makes a hero? In the play Antigone, the play writer Sophocles had different type of qualities for a hero. The character of Creon is a true tragic hero that wants to be respected by the city. His pride for the city caused pain to his family and himself. Creon is a leader that just wants to gain the people’s trust and to prove that he is an honorable King. Creon claimed his son, Haemon “That’s what a man prays for: to produce good sons a household full of them, dutiful and attentive,…show more content…
The Messenger proclaimed that Creon and Haemon went to see Antigone but they found her dead. Haemon threatens his father. The Messenger states “He drew his sword his father rushed out, running as Haemon lunged and missed and then, doomed, desperate with himself, suddenly leaning his full weight on the blade, he buried it in his body, halfway to the hilt”(1360-1364). Haemon believes that his father betrayed his trust and that he must kill himself. The Messenger explains to Eurydice what happen to her son. She leaves without saying a word. The Messenger tells Creon “She stabbed herself at the altar then her eyes went dark, after she’d raised a cry for the noble fate of Megareus, the hero killed in the first assault, then for Haemon, then with her dying breath she called down torments on your head you killed her sons” (1426-1431). Creon is finally realized his mistakes when it was too late to change the damage he has done. Realization is part of why he is a true tragic hero. Creon states “Oh no, another, a second loss to break the heart. What next, what fate waits for me? I just held my son in my arms and now, look, a new corpse rising before my eyes wretched, helpless mother” (1420-1425). Creon pride when too far and it ended up killing his

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