Examples Of Criminality In Fahrenheit 451

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Many a times people in power have resorted to violence to solve their problems. In the book Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury explains that this happens throughout. The government killed and innocent man when Montag was on the run. This man had caused no harm, all he was doing was taking a nights walk and because this was odd he was marked as a person of interest. The government would assume that he was probably a book owner and had the hound kill him instead of hunting down Montag. The government was not justified in this act of murder because it was not justified in fairness, it was falsely representing the government to society, and it was immoral.
Accordingly the government is not justified in killing the innocent man to end the chase on "Montag" because it is immoral, it is not justified in fairness, and is a false representation of the government to society. Killing this man breaks the most basic law in America, the right to live as a law abiding citizen. Although this man was innocent it could have saved time, lives, and money. The man that was killed was on record as a person of interest, he had been recorded as abnormal to society so it had turned out for the government that he was out walking at night. An innocent man was killed as a political stunt. Stalin at the end of WWII and during the Cold War had lied to his people about how amazing communism is. Anyone who had opposed Stalin’s way of life was sent to a place called the “Gulag” a forced labor camp where
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