Examples Of Critical Regionalism In Architecture

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Critical regionalism in architecture
By the time of civilization, modernism has been contribute to the worldwide. It create international style to change the face of architecture which more in square box and all have the same face . Oppositely, critical regionalism is going into other direction and hold architecture create pure identity depend on the background.
Vernacular and traditional style is influenced in clear critical regionalism. They inspirited architect to concern in method, decorative and material where can find from the site to response the context. Lately, regionalism architect has innovated vernacular architect in constantly and similary. By this, the arguments have been asking for suitability in critical regionalism and the real objective for critical regionalism. So this proposal is helped to gain more understanding of critical regionalism
Critical regionalism is methodology of structure, symbolize the sense of place and identity in architecture. The connection from climate, context, background, society and economy are included to answer the performance in architecture.
Creativity, significant, problematic, technology, materials and climate all are particle that contaminate in critical regionalism. However, each architect had expressed the identity in different way but overall of their method are the part of critical regionalism. The detail in this proposal is given: vernacular inheritance by Thai traditional house and example of

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