The Sociological Concept Of Critical Theory

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This paper explores several different topics of interest within the sociological concept of critical theory. Critical theory is a major and important concept within the social world. However, critical theory is such a broad topic to cover in total depth so I will be focusing on a few key topics and concepts within my paper. This paper will look at the concept of critical theory its history as well as what critical theory means. The paper will also look at recognizing and identifying the different cultural and technological forces that control people. Finally, my paper will look at how narcotizing the masses has limited the ability of progressive change in the U.S Critical theory is a way of thinking in sociology that has its roots in Marxist…show more content…
Hook Up culture is very prominent modern day way of living life which is especially ingrained within the U.S culture of young people. Hook up culture is a set of ideas that encourage casual sexual encounters and other related activity, without necessarily including emotional bonding or long-term commitment. It is further enforced through both media and books were young people are encouraged in some way shape or for to join the lifestyle young people carefree party sex life into the early to mid-twenties where if you don’t join your missing out. Things like hook culture or fraternity life force young people into box conformity of either joining in on some aspects college party lifestyle or risk not connecting with their peers. Conversely, on the technological side, you have things such as social media as massive means of controlling the way people live their lives. Humans are communal creatures by nature the basis by which we survive is by sticking together. Social media exploits humanity need for attachment and fear of missing out and instead replaces that by keeping us constantly connected with each other lives but also furthers the ways in which were are socialized by each…show more content…
This paper looked at the origins of critical theory as well as its definition. The paper also focused on giving modern-day examples of the different ways culture and technology are used to control people.Finally, the paper attempted to explain the relationship of how necrotizing of the media has negatively affected progressive change in the U.S. I believe that there some ways in which society is controlled by the domain group either through violence, social media, entertainment, and even laws and especially today it is imperative that we recognize the different ways in which we are controlled. I also believe that although the United States is a place of progressive change we sometimes allow an abundance of information on an issue in the real world makes us complacent about fixing it. We must recognize that although it always good to gather information and talk on social about fighting for change sometimes we must sometimes get our hands dirty and be an active part in making the progressive changes we want to see become a

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