Examples Of Cross Cultural Communication Barriers

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1.1 cross cultural communication barriers:
The majority of research carried out in the literature review is concerned with cross cultural communication barriers. Our world is growing to be a global village, and communicating with people from different cultures has become a necessity. On one hand communicating with people from different cultures can be an opportunity to benefit our growth and to gain the advantage of cultural diversity. On the other hand, this sort of communication can be the reason behind unpleasant consequences and conflicts between cultures due to the many differences between each culture such as, language, traditions, beliefs and religions. According to Stephan, Gudykunst and Lee (2002), these differences cause conflicts, misunderstanding, and anxiety which lead to miscommunication (p.1). Lustig, M. W., & Koester, J. (2006) focus on different cross cultural communication
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There are specific strategies that help overcome cross cultural communication barriers. A newspaper article by Thena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (2010, June 8) discusses cross‐cultural communication as a process of becoming aware of another culture's habits, actions and reasons behind behaviours. In this article the author indicates that cross-cultural communication always demands clear understanding of each other's feelings, emotions and sentiments which might be deeply-rooted in their respective cultural norms and values. Kai (2005) focuses on sensitivity to cultural diversity, stereotyping and prejudice, general skills of good communication, andd specific skills to negotiate communication barriers. In this article the author concludes that to communicate effectively, it is necessary to avoid stereotyping by responding to patients as individuals within their own cultural
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