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Cultural Awareness of Venezuela According to Cristina De Rossi, an anthropologist at Barnet and Southgate College in London, Culture is the patterns of social behavior and different norms found in human societies. Also culture involves religion, language we speak, the way we view things, what we think is right or wrong, how we dress, the way we greet and talk to other people, and a lot of other things (Zimmerman, 2017). Building cultural awareness is not easy, there are many factors that need to be taken into perspective when building Cultural Awareness, some of the factors to take into consideration are social structure, language, economics, physical geography, and military. All of these are key characteristics are essential for people to understand cultural diversity.…show more content…
After fifty years, the ratios were changed so that over 88 percent of the Venezuelan population became urban and literate (Haggerty, 1990). About two-thirds of the Venezuelan population are mestizo, a mix of European and Indian ancestry or mulatto-mestizo, which is an African, European, and Indian mix. One-fifth of Venezuelans comes from a European lineage, and about one-tenth are of African ancestry. Native Indian population is statistically smaller compared to the other populations. Before 1948 Venezuela did not encourage non-Hispanic immigrations, for the exception of sailors, merchants, and entrepreneurs from neighbor West Indian islands. As the petroleum industry was growing, The Venezuelan government recruited agriculture and skilled workers from Italy, Spain, and Portugal from 1948-1958. Also at that time Colombia to Venezuela migration increased significantly. During that time approximately a million immigrants entered the country (Martz, Heckel, McCoy & Lieuwen,

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