Examples Of Cultural Collisions In Things Fall Apart

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EA 3.2 Literary Analysis: character analysis Cultural collisions happen everywhere especially in today's life. Not only did in happen in the past but it also happens in today's society. In things fall apart, a whole lot of cultural collisions occur between the ibo culture and the missionaries that came to their land. Nwoye, okonkwo's son gets abused by his father because he went to the Christian church and they were getting in between all the people of the Ibo culture. Cultural collisions cause different types of challenges and reactions people face based on the collisions. Not only does cultural collisions happen cause reactions but they also challenge different people like okonkwo to face the changes of the ibo Culture. The character that I chose is okonkwo. He's a fearless, firm man who doesn't show any of his fears to anyone. “In a flash okonkwo drew his message showing no fear.”(204/7) okonkwo rules his house with a firm hand to show that he is a fearless man who is strong and he likes to discipline his family…show more content…
The christians found the thing that help the whole village together and got in between it and now everything is starting to fall apart and things started changing. Okonkwo wasn't really a big fan about the whole conversion thing and about the new culture so he kept his family away. His family didn't obey him and he ended up beating his son nwoye because they started to lure him into the trap so they can get him to convert into Christianity. Not only did okonkwo disown him as his son but he also kicked him out of his obi and nwoye went running back to the church looking for acceptance. Okonkwo is getting challenged by the missionaries because he's getting drawn apart from his own family due to the fact that they're trying to spread their religion all over the ibo culture. They're breaking up the whole village by making them
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