Examples Of Cultural Differences In America

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In this report, I will state and explain certain elements I learned as an emigrant that was completely different from my home country and why I consider it as a cultural shock. Differences Social can be represented by nationality, Personality, socioeconomic status, language, the level of "education, occupation and demographic differences and family.

I stayed in my home country of Cameroon for twenty-four years and I never have the opportunity to travel to any country. My immigration from Cameroon to a Belgium leads to the emergence of cultural shock. My story began from the time I entered the plane and moved to Belgium and now to the U.S.A. I moved from an area dominated by brown skin people into an area dominated by white skin people. My culture shock started once I realized I was part of a minority community. Meet people from different nationality and learn to embrace completely different ethnocentrism, societal principles, socioeconomic status, language, I needed to locate a community where people like me where so that I can associate.
I wish to clarify that each person is different and react differently to cultural
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Once I arrived at the Belgian Airport in Brussels, the smell of the airport was good, the lights, the sound of people talking was new and exciting. I quickly realized that there were fewer dark skin people like me in the airport. It was the first time I saw many people from different nationalities in one place at the same time. I even saw a black indian for the first time. For a while I was astonished how advance the airport in Brussels was and I wondered when will the airport in Cameroon ever reach such standard. The airport security officers were very talk and will not reply my greetings, though I tried to greet them several time. In my heart, that did not bother at first, I said to myself that do not greet me officers, I will have many white friends that will greet
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