Examples Of Cultural Differences In Culture

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Introduction The explanations for “culture” varies according to scholars with a focus on the behaviors ,interactions and understandings of a particular group of people fostered by unique social patterns (Zimmermann,2017,para 1-2). As an international student, I hope I can integrate into the local culture, whether for the future of employment or to be able to conduct a deeper form of communication, but cultural differences sometimes hinder this action. In order to understand key culture awareness and behaviors for personal and professional lives, I combined course theories and real-life experiences and set up two cultural goals as well as the related action strategies. This article will start with brief introduction of culture, then I will explain two personal cultural goals from the perspectives of personal and professional. The steps for achieving the goals and related criteria will be demonstrated in the next paragraph before a brief conclusion. The First Personal Goal: Assimilating into Local Community in three months. My first goal is integrating into local Canadian community which is not an easy step for people who has different background. Despite the fact that Canada has a lot of immigrants and the number of Chinese in Vancouver and Toronto is rather large, this does not mean that you can easily integrate into the lives of locals. Articles points out that people with similar culture can be clustered together (Gupta& Hanges,2004, cited by Dorfman, Javidan, Hanges,
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