Examples Of Cultural Encounter

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The Joy Luck Club is what will be our example for the topic Cultural Encounter, which is caused by the differences of cultures. Therefore, communication development is based on sharing thoughts, which leads to an argument that ends either with agreements or disagreements. There are many aspects in an individual that affects the course of this action, and culture is one of them; which I will focus on in this article. I think that it is the most important, in my point of view. This essay discusses the definition of culture, cultural encounters, and the representation of this issue in the story. Culture is defined by characteristics that are shared by a group of people. It is usually represented by language, religion, cuisine, traditional clothes, music, arts, and is dependent on social habits. Therefore, culture plays a major role in an individual’s perspective of life and his/her personality. Cultures have differed than each other, depending on the places they were established in, the way of survival people pursued to acclimate with different circumstances, and how they shared their experiences with each other. As a result, the history of a culture is documented from its people, since they keep the culture alive and pass it down their generations. Each nation has its own unique culture; therefore, it’s not easy to merge two different cultures together, because it creates some kind of contrast between the cultures’ orientations, and this is what is meant by a cultural
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