Examples Of Cultural Encounters

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Of all the many reasons for people to be forced to live different lives, wars and the force of emigration and occupations, these all would be from the reasons for the clash of cultures, this might give good results but it can also give people depression and gloominess. The question is why does cultural encounters effect us like this, and how did we know it from the past events. These questions would be answers from knowing the definition of "Cultural encounter" and from reading stories of people suffers from that events.

Cultural Encounters is a "concept which is often used in current public and academic discussions on the conditions of modern societies". This concept first taught in 2006 in Danish grammar schools. The purpose of this is to describe modern phenomena like mass migration, globalization, wars and occupation the increased fascination of religious groups.(http://www.cultural-encounters.dk/).

Examples for the cultural encounter in occupation, when British takeover the civilization of Benin, or when the medicine transfer from the Greek to the IslamicArab Culture and then to Europe, and how this transfer from one culture to another made so many differences in the history of medicine, and in the history of the whole world.

One of the ways that we could see Cultural Encounter is in the short stories, it can be a very helpful way to see how things where in the past and how it changed now, also the effect of wars and migration
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