Examples Of Cultural Encounters In Culture

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Culture is the arts and other exhibition of human logical achievement considered collectively. It refers to the collective deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, religion, and notions of time, roles, spatial relations, and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations. It is the overall attitude, customs and beliefs that discriminates one culture from the other. Culture is something that is actually transferred from one generation to another through language, material objects, and daily rituals, through institutions, art and drama. For example dancing with the swords is found in the Arab culture. In this essay I will be discussing about cultural encounters that have been shown in the literary works and specially…show more content…
The answer to this is that it is used to designate social relations between different culture people, places and the objects. Cultural encounters occur in a society that has come into contact with people from different mind sets, different religions and hence different cultures as a result of migration, war, and economic recession. After the British Empire started ending its colonial rule, period people from ex-colonies started looking for better living opportunities where they could get better education, jobs and medical facilities and hence shifted towards the developed countries. This resulted with an increase large variety of minority’s culture across Europe. So when people with different religious and cultural values settle in new places they adopt native ways of life of that culture and also sometimes attracts other culture people following them. Over a period of time there has been many multicultural societies that have developed in Britain, France, and other European countries. Unlike Europe where even after people from different cultures live in peace and accepts each other’s culture, America after the emergence of a new country there had been tension around because there were different cultures that joined together to form one state, so even today there are tensions and power struggle between the whites and the blacks is going on till…show more content…
Cultures might be different but could be adopted easily specially the positives. Before exposure Santosh was happy in his own little world of a cupboard where he kept few precious belongings but as he discovered his self-identity in America he changed on a whole. He couldn’t think of going back home as it was a small world with little opportunities for him but getting American nationality has opened a whole world before him and he earns more than he did before. Hence we can see that at first it is difficult to get familiar with a different culture, different people with certain values but when we open the doors of our heart and mind and tries to accept them it becomes easier to cope up with such situations. Wherever we go we learn new things some might be good and acceptable for us some could be imposed by others but at the end of the day it is up to our will what we want to do and where we want to take our life to. One out of many is the perfect example of cultural encounters and hence cultural

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