Examples Of Cultural Hybridity

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Conclusion The detailed study of the cultural hybridity concludes that ‘hybridity’ is one of the part of post colonial studies or a third world liteerature. It is a identity of the diasporean from his native land to the immigrant land where he represents himself. According to Jasbir Jain, “ ambassadee or refugee” in the host land. In that particular host country the lives of immigrants confused with the two different cultures. That cultural conflict creates cultural hybridity. That is, the new identity is born. In a host land where there the lives of different kind of diasporians from diffrent part of the world and they mingled togather and shared their cultural feelings and identity. Stuart Hall reflect that the diasporic identities in his remarkable critical work Cultural Identity and Diaspora which reflect the historical experiences and shared cultural identities. It provide the concept of ‘oneness’. The cultural isolation of the migrant people create rootlessness, nostolgic feelings and live between past and present and also it generated to cultural conflict between the two cultures that is biculturalism. It finaly leads to the cultural hubridity. The diasporic people thing and experieced in between the two borders “what we are” and “ what we have become”. They quest their own identity in the alien country because where they loss their identity. So, as a new identity is born in host land. They build a new world according to themselves. According

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