Role Of Cultural Identity In Globalization

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Cultural identity in a globalizing world
Cultural identity
“A shared sense of companionship that involves the same beliefs, interests and basic principles of living.”
Cultural identity helps to identify with others who have the same traditions and basic belief system. A person’s true identity includes culture and heritage as two of the most important aspects.
The title “Cultural identity in a globalizing world” shows a relationship between the cultural identity and the globalizing world. Culture includes things such as values, symbols, language and specified historically. The latest technology and new information thus have build a bridge between cultural identities, global contexts, and the spread of uniform system of symbols, lifestyles and stereotypes. Here internet has
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It happens as a result of economic and cultural practices which do not, of themselves, aim at global integration, but which nonetheless produce it. More importantly, the efforts of globalization to weaken cultural coherences in all individual nation-states, including economically powerful ones- the imperialist powers of a previous…show more content…
Thus the globalization of television has provided a proliferating resource for both the deconstruction and reconstruction of cultural identities. That is television has become a leading recourse for the construction of identity projects by identity project it is meant the idea that identity is not fixed but created and built on, always in process, a moving towards rather than an arrival. Globalization lies at the heart of modern culture; cultural practices lie at the heart of globe. Moreover, while globalization both informs and disrupts culture, it is arguably the most direct way in which we experience

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