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Cultural Narrative Culture is recognized as a noun and according to the dictionary it is defined as, “The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation or people.” In other words, culture is the identity of a particular community that is learned by previous generations and is implied by certain institutions. Culture never remains the same because the future generations keep on evolving their beliefs and ways, of which they do things. There is a probability that your culture may differ from mine, and that is what makes our cultures so great! Our culture is what allows us to stand out and differ from one another. From our customs to the way we dress, it is all part of our culture. I come from a town by the name of Leon Guanajuato, in Mexico. This country can be classified as a third world country because of the ridiculous amount of people who become substandard day by day. Needles to say, those who are wealthy become it through corrupt ways. Life in Mexico is hard enough because of all the blackmailing that goes on, and our culture is just another difficult hurdle that we must jump over. Family is an important component when it comes to the Mexican culture. In many Mexican families, we have the “abuelos and abuelas”, these …show more content…

If a younger member of the family were to raise their voice to the adults, there will be consequences. Most of the time, the mom or dad will give them a spanking with the “chancla”. It’s part of the culture that the parents spank their children with a sandal, in order to make them behave. Respect in the family is of essence; especially for the father. In many Mexican households, the father is the head of the household and whatever he says goes. He is in charge to make the earnings and the mother is the one who stays at home. She cooks amazing dishes, cleans, and checks up on the children’s etiquette. This constructs the typical Mexican family

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