Examples Of Cultural Norms

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The Norms Certain people get treated differently because of how they identify. It 's called racism and sexism. There has been moments where my sense of self has come to conflict with norms in my family and community. There are things that in my cultural that I’m expected to do. Things that as a girl I 'm expected to do. One summer I went to Mexico with my sister and cousin. My Tia and Tio were talking about how there was going to be barbacua at the party.Me and my sister and cousin said “mmh I love that”. My Tio and Tia and all of their friends looked at us like we said something weird. My Tia said “You know what that is?” Me my sister and cousin said of course we eat them all the time. Then my Tio and Tia 's friend said “I just assumed you guys just ate hamburgers and pizza” I tried to say something back but the topic was changed so I stayed quiet. Later me,my sister,and cousin were talking about how they assumed that we didn 't like to eat Mexican food. I was upset because they thought…show more content…
My family has some gender norms. One day when my family was on vacation and we invited my aunt and uncle and their two sons. When we were eating my cousin Brain (he’s my age) was talking to his parents about his girlfriend. He had hickeys all over his neck and my family just laughed about his dumb little relationship. I knew that if it was the other way around and I had hickeys my family would not be laughing. My parents would be furious. One time when I was at my cousin 's house in Michigan me and all my cousins were just hanging out the my Tia called me, my cousin Ariana,and my cousin Diana to go help out. My tia told us that we had to help make dinner. We were making dinner when I said “Are the boys going to help us” and my Tia said “No they are not.” I felt angry because while me and my girl cousins were helping making dinner,the boys just continued to play video games. Even after dinner was done me and my girl cousins had to wash all the
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