Examples Of Cultural Perspective

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Cultural Perspective Essay Marcus 1/16/18 Period 2 To what extent does one 's cultural identity affect the way they view others and the world? Overall, I have found that one 's cultural identity affects their view on others in a negative way most of the time. Very rarely did I find a positive view in my research. I am going to show you how some people 's cultural identity affects the way they view others and the world by using articles I have found. I have found positive and negative examples of how people view others and the world. I will start with positive views then go to negative views and then how I view others and the world based on my cultural identity. Cultural identity is the identity of belonging in a certain group, its apart of a person 's self-conceptions and it 's also related to religion, nationality, ethnicity, or any type of social class. Perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, also known as point of view. Bias is preference or prejudice in favor of or against a view, a thing, a person, or group compared with another. Biases can be learned implicitly within cultural contexts. Cultural bias can make you view others in a negative way because you have certain opinions on how they act or what they do. They can also make you view certain parts of the world in a negative way because of how they live and what they eat in their countries. As I previously mentioned about one
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