Examples Of Cultural Relativism And Feminism

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Introduction Cultural relativism is the principle that the beliefs and activities of each person must be understood in the culture itself (Bayley, 1992). Feminism is a movement and ideology to fight for equality for women in the political, economic, cultural, private space and public space. Feminism was never an ideology of hatred ( Beasley, 1999). Since cultural relativism and feminism are two different things, many different critiques of cultural relativism and feminism in international human rights occur. Those critiques come from cultural relativists and feminists. As we know, the journal written by Ooneigh Reitman explains about those two different critiques. By this journal review, I would like to review the journal deeper. Objectives, theory, concepts, argument, method, evidence, values, literature, contribution, style, conclusion used by the author of the journal will be explained further through this review.

Body Paragraph The journal mainly discusses about the two different critiques of International Human Rights which are coming from two different actors, those two critiques are coming from cultural relativist and feminist. The author, “Ooneigh Reitman” aims to generate workshop discussion about the similarities between those two different critiques. There are several objectives mentioned by the author. First, is the objective coming from cultural relativist. In the journal, it is clearly mentioned that cultural relativist assumes that human rights source

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