Examples Of Cultural Struggles In The Kite Runner

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Struggle Leads To Success
Being an immigrant is about leaving one’s native country; but it is also, more importantly, about adapting and assimilating to a new culture. Relocating to a new country could sometimes cause a life-transforming moment. Throughout “The Kite Runner” the author describes different characters which possess different characteristics and personalities. As illustrated in the book, Baba and his family moved to the United States to get a better life, and they quickly started to assimilate the American culture. The Kite Runner is incredibly valuable for high school students because it outlines the perplexity of religious discrimination. It also demonstrates how cultural differences could change one 's life. Furthermore, it illustrates the hardships and difficulties that immigrants face when they move to a new place. Although they bear some minor similarities, the differences between Sunni and Shia are pronounced. In the Kite Runner,
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Although they’ve encountered countless challenges and obstacles they didn’t let those obstacles limit their full potential. As time went on, they’ve achieved something that is extortionary. For instance, Amir went to college to complete his Bachelor 's degree. It is clear that they have made many sacrifices while they were working towards their dream. Amir was trying to achieve his American dream, this is especially seen in chapter eleven when he said, “America was different. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the waters carry me someplace far. Someplace with no ghosts, no memories, and no sins” (Hosseini 136). This illustrates that Amir was using America as a second opportunity to improve himself. This relates to us because if you work hard enough you will get the rewards since America is the land of

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