Examples Of Cultural Transmission

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Around the world, there are thousands of different cultures. Our cultures are made up of the way people think, act, and the material items that combined together create the way of life for people (Macionis, 2017). I am a Central Illinois girl that is fortunate to live in a very positive culture with many opportunities.
In a society there are many sociological concepts that make up one's culture and their way of life. One element of culture are symbols. Symbols are things that carry a particular meaning that are recognized by the individuals who share the same culture (Macionis, 2017). In my community, visual symbols that are recognized by our community are the hornet which represents our school mascot and the dome of courthouse which represents
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Throughout Eureka, we often use school and business marquees to communicate special events and recognitions in our community. Cultural Transmission is how one generation passes cultural to the next generation (Macionis, 2017). Where I live, we have very strong family, religious, and community ties. Passing of culture is done through consistent interaction with family members including grandparents and the elderly. The transfer of culture is also done through involvement in the church and community activities such as 4H and school organizations.Values are the standards that people use to determine what is desirable, good, beautiful, and serves as a guideline for social living ( Macionis, 2017). We value trust, hard work, family, and God. In Eureka we trust that people will be there for each other when needed. We trust that people will do the right thing. It is very common for people to leave their cars running and doors unlocked. We are raised from a young age to work hard whether its school, sports, or a job. We don’t rely on taking the easy way out. God and Family are very important values. We support our family and our commitment to God. Beliefs are a specific statement that people hold to be true…show more content…
Expectations for youth include that you work hard in school and graduate high school. This is representative in my high school class where a majority of our students have higher than a 3.0 GPA and we have 14 Valedictorians. Mores are norms that are observed and have great moral significance (Macionis, 2017). Abstinence is an example of this. With religion being a pillar of our community, there is a strong emphasis to wait to engage in sexaul activity until married. Folkways are norms for routine or casual interaction ( Macionis, 2017). In our community we have a large population of Apostolic Faith believers. It is common practice for women who are church members to wear long skirt and their hair in a bun. Social control is the attempt by society for people to regulate people’s thoughts and behavior (Macionis, 2017). An noted before, our community has a strong Apostolic presence. It is very common for parents and church elders to encourage and persuade the youth to repent and join the church. Sometimes they use the fear of going to hell to persuade them. Technology is the knowledge that people use to make a way of life in their surroundings (Macionis, 2017). Many older individuals in our culture probably do not use the advances of

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