Examples Of Cultural Values In Australia

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Value What does it mean? Australian examples (use textbook and think of your own)
Cultural If a landform has cultural value, it means that it is important to a place 's culture and to people of different cultures who express their love for the landform through creative means like poetry.

Uluru has cultural value, especially to the Aboriginal people in Australia as many of their dreamtimes stories refer to how Uluru was formed.
Mount Wellington is an example of cultural value because it is one of the main features in Tasmania and whenever people think of Tasmania they think of Mount Wellington.
Spiritual If a landform has spiritual value it means that it is somehow spiritually connected to people to help them be one with the land.

Karlu Karlu is sacred to the Indigenous Australians because it helps them to connect with their ancestors and the spiritual beings that they believe in.
The Kakadu national park is another example of spiritual value as aboriginal people have lived there for 40,000 years or so.
Aesthetic Aesthetic value is value towards the land based on its appearance and beauty. Landforms may have different aesthetic values as it is based on what you personally find beautiful and unique.

Wineglass Bay is an example of a place with aesthetic value because of the beauty it brings to the coast of Tasmania.
The great barrier reef is another example of aesthetic value and attracts many visitors because of its natural beauty.
Economic Economic value is value
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