Examples Of Culture In China

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China is the immense country where culture and tradition varies according to geography and ethnicity and the culture plays the vital role in the country. China is the place where people are very traditional and they follow the culture made known to them from their ancestors. Chinese culture consist of ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts and religion. China has its own beliefs, tradition, principles and guides for behavior that are shared among the particular groups. Nowadays tourism in china is booming probably in high rates. According to the data in the 2014 the inbound tourist reached 128, 4983 million which increased the revenue to 10.16% than the previous year reaching USD 56.913 billion. Tourist are interested in exploring the gratifying cultural essence of China. They are eager to learn cultural backgrounds, traditions and behavior of daily lives and nature of doing business in china. It starts with the knowing etiquette of being the host and the guest in the Chinese family. Learning about the seating manners where the host seats and where the guest must seat, table manners what should you do and not do while eating and serving of food. Eating manners when to start eating followed by rules of using and placing the chopsticks and teapot manner which is also very essential as Chinese are fond of drinking tea. The alcohol culture which plays the vital role in creating friendship and a successful

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