Cultural Aspects In China

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China is the immense country where culture and tradition varies according to geography and ethnicity and the culture plays the vital role in the country. China is the place where people are very traditional and they follow the culture made known to them from their ancestors. Chinese culture consist of ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts and religion. China has its own beliefs, tradition, principles and guides for behavior that are shared among the particular groups. Nowadays tourism in china is booming probably in high rates. According to the data in the 2014 the inbound tourist reached 128, 4983 million which increased the revenue to 10.16% than the previous year reaching
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Guanxi is the tradition in doing business in china with in Chinese community. Guanxi is based in the relationship of dependability trustworthiness and respect. Gaunxi is taken very seriously by Chinese people in doing business. China has the fast changing environment dependability refers to the how it can cope with the things that change every day. In China trustworthiness relate to the rule of law between the relationships made. The feeling of protection from getting cheated and being able to trust someone is highly important which cannot be done through legal process. Chinese society does not emphasize on laws and regulation but direct individual contacts are focused to solve the problems. Respect is uniquely related to the Chinese culture. There should be respect between to partners doing business which will make the partnership stronger and powerful. Gaunxi can be said as a gum that holds whole society…show more content…
Frist step of making relationship is to give a good introduction of yourself. We should know about their interests and aspirations. Chinese people love to play golf, therefore playing with them to get closer and knowing about each other. Doing favors and paying complements will also create a good impression for starting a relationship. Inviting them home and accepting the invitation will get more time to talk and build trust relationship. Giving gifts and drinking together plays the influential role as most of the business deals are done while drinking together. The prime performance will be the spending time which needs to be done weeks, months or year. Gaunxi cannot be established within one or two meeting or trips, there should be continual meetings, it is a keep in touch relationship forever. The other factor that should be focused is the relationship with the government. As china has become socialist country since 1949, government plays a predominant role in the country. They are responsible for the product and investment approvals, taxation, custom clearance matters relating to lands and marketing which are factors for running a business. To run a successful business in china a foreign company should build a strong long lasting gaunxi relationship with central as well as local government in
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