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Culture shock
Due to wide range of possibilities, travelling around the world as part of professional journey, internship, study or simply a vacation has become extremely popular and very easy. Purchasing tickets is basically at the touch of a button. As well as all the trips, people are now more open for leaving the country. Deciding to temporarily live abroad is never easy, as we basically leave the home, looking for a better life. What we expect first as we emigrate are positive, unforgettable and valuable experiences. There are many benefits of taking risks and leaving a safe home zone, but it is worth mentioning that a large part of people leaving their country are struggling with the problems of adapting the new environment as well as
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We begin to question the decision to leave, idealizing our life in our home country. We feel like the culture has become too intense by habits and behaviours of the people around us, everyday activities such as communicating with others. This is the stage when anger and frustration starts to kick in. Nothing that we believed is true and the expectations made about the culture where inflated. From my point of view, that’s the worst of the stages in the cultural shock. As I know from my own experience, it was easy to imagine what life would look like before I came to a different culture, but the reality was way different. We get used to the environment we live in, which then leads to a disappointment as we change our place of living. I know that I have missed my home, family and friends so much, I wasn’t able to function on a daily basis. Going to school was like forcing yourself to something you really don’t want to do, even though in your home town, you would do exactly the same activities. That is also the time, when most depressions and emotional breakdowns occur. As long as you get out of this stage, it is only getting better then, and it really did for
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