Examples Of Curriculum Inception

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Assignment 1: Curriculum Inception Angela Bass Dr. Melanie Gallman EDU 555 Strayer University January 20, 2018 Introduction Curriculum development describes how a training or teaching organization plans and guides learning. It involves planning, implementation, and monitoring of a systematic process that creates a positive learning environment. It is, therefore, important to design a pilot curriculum that ensures proper evaluation of the content, teaching materials as well as teaching methods involved in the changed curriculum (McKinn, 2008). The pilot curriculum also serves as an assessment tool for acceptance of the curriculum by the faculty and students. It also aids in recognizing the gaps created and the missing content. This study will consider the Lee County School District and analyze the benefits of a piloting curriculum for high school level business studies. School District The Lee County School District is in the state of Mississippi. Lee County is in the northeast part of Mississippi. The district is comprised of thirteen schools and a center for academic improvement that serve kindergarten through twelfth grade. The schools are in seven cities within Lee County. The district is ran by the school board and a superintendent. The school board consists of five elected members from Lee County. The superintendent is also an elected official from Lee County. They are selected in a four-year term and they meet monthly to discuss

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