Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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A superficial look at Gatsby and his life would paint him a hero that blazed all the trails and pushed down all the walls to be able to find his one and only love in life Daisy. However with insight from the book and a deeper understanding of the text would allow any reader to see Gatsby's deep seeded dilution,like a dog waiting for his dead owner to comeback, although the dog has memories of good times the owner is not coming back and neither is Daisy. Throughout the book we pity Gatsby, he has all the money in the world yet cannot find happiness, a man that built up all this fame and fortune he could ever need in hopes of seeing one woman return. Gatsby may seem like the type to want to show off and flaunt his money however evidence…show more content…
Meanwhile Daisy and Tom were living their lives like a king and queen and by mid- way through the book you can clearly realize that Daisy would never leave her king (Tom). Daisy lived her life out comfortably and she knew who could forever provided for her and she would never ever leave that type of comfort. Even though Tom has been rude and uncaring for most of his life to Daisy not to mention the fact that had his own mistress, it did not matter to Daisy she was not going to change for nothing. The only reason Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship with Gatsby was not because of the fact that she still had feelings for him not at all, this was because she was bored with her life and she needed some excitement, of course her child with Tom was not exciting enough for the couple so naturally they both went their separate ways but only for a while. With this no one would ever bat an eye if they saw Daisy with broom and a
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