Examples Of Daisy's Intentions In The Great Gatsby

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There is a controversy over whether Jay Gatsby is a good man with pure intentions or a corrupted man with evil intentions. Jay Gatsby uses all his wealth only for pure intentions. He is willing to do anything to be with his love of his life Daisy. He will go to any means to ensure a future of love and happiness with the girl of his dreams. There are those who would argue that Jay Gatsby never intended to be a good honest man. Many people thought this because he made his money illegally bootlegging and illegal stocks and trades. That he couldn't have been prue he only used his wealth for bad. They claimed he was full of greed and selfish ideas. But how could that be if we look at all that he has done with the money that he earned and worked hard for. He throws parties for Daisy and then stopped them because she didn't like them anymore and when he made all of his money he only had plans to use it to make sure that she would always be…show more content…
He tells Daisy “both of us loved each other all that time, old sport, and you didn’t know.” Jay left for the war and was far from Daisy but he came back a new man to win her love back. After Gatsby tells Tom that have in love with each other for five years. He just wants Daisy to leave Tom so they can leave and be with each other “It doesn’t matter any more. Just tell him the truth that you never loved him and it’s all wiped out forever.” Jay Gatsby is a good man that fights for love but the other characters use him for his wealth and pure intentions. The man would have done anything and did anything he could so he could live the life he had always dreamed of being with Daisy. Tom led to Gatsby death after he grew hatred for him after hearing Daisy always loved Gatsby and never had Tom in her heart. Gatsby died due to the greed and evil in the other characters when he only had pure intention and love in his
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