Examples Of Deception In Great Expectations

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Great “Manipulation” Deception can present itself as a white shadow, pure and innocent while molding into the true evil within the darkness. In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, women are viewed as deceitful and wicked individuals who are always seeking more whether wealth or a higher class level. Miss Havisham is the independent mother figure who is apart of this upper-class, living in the Satis House with her daughter Estella. Havisham mislead youth, due to her ambition and vindictiveness towards men, as way to satisfy the lack of attention and affection she had in her life while presenting the acts of individuals being inevitably wicked. Miss Havisham pushed Pip towards Estella to fulfill the passion she had once knew as her own. She lacked the opportunity of truly being in a successful romantic relationship, due to her husband leaving her at the altar. Havisham wanted Pip to lean towards Estella, but she was truly just the puppet master of Pip’s heart. “... Not the “fairy godmother” Pip thinks she is” Pip considers Miss Havisham as this adopted mother, who guides Pip to learn to care for others while she is just preparing him for heartbreak (Bloom 156). Havisham continues to push Pip to want Estella, while puppeteering Estella to become this cold-hearted soul who is unable to love anyone. “Miss Havisham manipulates Pip in order to enslave him emotionally in the same way that she forms her adopted daughter Estella, in order cannibalize her.” Havisham is a
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