Examples Of Deception In Macbeth

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Deception! Deception has Been Committed!
(Three examples of Deception from Macbeth)

Ever been deceived? It’s not great is it? It never is… It just shows that no one can be trusted and literally no one really can. Everyone lies, weather its to friends of family, and everyone that you know lies to you too. It’s life and it really sucks, nothing is as it seems. NO one should lie, they should always tell the truth no matter what. But what happens when the people you love, lives are at stake? Do you tell them the truth still? Or do you lie to protect them from the harm that can happen if you do tell them the truth. Macbeth and the former Thane of Cawdor deceived many people, as did Lady Macbeth, all because they wanted to become king and queen or have a rebellion against
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After Lady Macbeth receives the letter from Macbeth about the witches and the prophecies that they foretold and how two of the three of come true, she turns into a total witch. She starts talking in an Aside about how her husband is too weak and kind to be able to do anything about becoming King. She takes it upon her own hands to make the last prophecy to come true, calling on the power of darkness to make her strong like a man. But, when Macbeth comes into the play she acts like he is a worthy mighty man, when in truth she doesn’t think that he is. She deceives him on what she is truly thinking and later on deceives him into thinking that killing the King was his idea and questions his manhood. Asking him questions about it but never actually says it, and says that if she ever lied, which she did, she would kill her children. Pretty much Lady Macbeth is a horrible Lady, but so is Macbeth so they fit perfectly. “Great Glamis! Worthy Cawdor! Greater than both, by the all-hail hereafter! Thy letters have transported me beyond this ignorant present, and I feel now the future in the instant.(page 335 scene 4 Act

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