Examples Of Decisions In Romeo And Juliet

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Decisions are a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. After reading Romeo and Juliet I concluded that many of the decisions that are made come from a child making a decision that is to be made by an adult. Juliet and her father are an example of this because in the play Juliet had to make hard decisions for herself that normally her father would have made. This created a large conflict between the two of them. In the play Romeo and Juliet there is a conflict between Juliet and her father the reasons behind this conflict include Juliet being married to Romeo behind her fathers back, her father Lord Capulet trying to have Juliet marry Paris, and the secrets and the feud that cause Juliet to keep her relationship from her father. One source of this conflict was Romeo and Juliet getting married. When Juliet decided that she was in love with Romeo and she wanted to get married, she never told her father that they where getting married.…show more content…
This created a new depth within the conflict that was already arising between the two of after Juliet didn’t mention that she was getting married. Lord Capulet believed that Juliet needed to be married so he was going to have her marry Paris. Paris was someone that had very strong feelings for Juliet, so Lord Capulet knew that he would take care of her. This helped to bring in the conflict because Juliet was already married, and it was unheard of for a woman to be married to two men. If Lord Capulet wouldn’t have tried to marry Juliet off to Paris the conflict between them would have been much smaller and may not have had such a large impact on Romeo and Juliet. With this being said this conflict added to the meaning of the play because even though people might not have thought that it was right for Lord Capulet to marry Juliet off to Paris, he still had the thought of what was best for his child at
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