Examples Of Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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“In a few seconds, we had ceased to be men” (PG.36). Elie is a Jewish boy from Transylvania who is taken to Auschwitz, where he is separated from his mother and sister. Elie and his father are then moved to the concentration camp called “Buna”, where they spend most of their time there. They then were forced to be evacuated to Gleiwitz, where they ran about 42 miles to reach their destination. They spent about 3 days at Gleiwitz and then they were transported to Buchenwald by train. There they are rescued by Americans and a resistance group that attacked the camp. Sadly Elie’s father died in Buchenwald before the rescue due to a sickness and being sent to the crematory. Dehumanization of the Jewish people in “Night” ,by Elie Wiesel, happened in a variety of ways and helped Hitler achieve his goal of damaging the view of Jewish people to the Germans. In “night” we see how the Jewish people are being oppressed as well as being dehumanized in so many ways. One example is “I became A-7713. From now on, I had no other name” (PG.42). This quote shows how they were stripped of their identities and replaced it with a simple number. As if they were just a number on a sheet of paper. We notice in the book how the Nazis only identify the Jewish people as numbers and they possessed no knowledge of their actual lives or their identities. They are also given such little amounts of food, that they are forced to scavenge for food on the floor during their free time. “Tired of huddling on
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