Examples Of Dehumanization In Night Wiesel

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Wiesel is the author of the memoir Night, which mainly focuses on how Hitler’s power and hatred towards Jews make Eliezer and his family’s life miserable. Eliezer is only a teenager when he and his family are forced to leave their home, and they’re sent to various concentration camps where Eliezer has to fight hunger, diseases, and has to take care of his father. Going through various camps has a negative impact on Eliezer 's life, therefore at the end of the book, Eliezer’s father begins to experience Eliezer’s abnormal behavior towards him. In this memoir, Eliezer, his family, and millions of other Jews experience different types of dehumanization in the concentration camps during the World War II. The Nazis dehumanize their victims physically, mentally, and emotionally in the concentration camps. The Nazis provide very little or sometimes no food for Jews, which results in death because of starvation. This is used every day by the Nazis to dehumanize Jews mentally. The biggest challenge the Jews face is staying healthy with very little food. If any of the workers are not capable of performing tasks due to sickness or disease, they are most likely to get killed. The Nazis often refer to Jews as goods for nothing, and treat them like they are animals. Separating young children from their mother is emotionally dehumanizing the Jews. The Nazis dehumanize Jews physically by beating them up for nothing. When Eliezer crosses Idek’s path at work one day, he says, “I happened
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