Examples Of Dehumanization In The Holocaust

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Dehumanization is the act of making someone feel like less than a person. Effectively turning them into an animal. Riding them of what separates their own life from that of a animal. This is exactly what took place in the time of the holocaust. Nazis dehumanize the jews in multiple ways and for multiple reasons in the times of the holocaust. The holocaust took place during WWII. At this time the chancellor of Germany know as Adolf Hitler had ordered a crusade against the jewish race. In this time period over 6 million jewish people including men women and children. Families were stripped from their homes with nearly all of their possessions removed from them.After first entering the gates they weren't even allowed the cloths off their backs.Elie Wiesel introduces the theme of Dehumanization in the holocaust by reckoning event of his past life throughout the novel. Dehumanization is just one of the many acts committed by Germany that makes the holocaust one of if not the biggest crime against humanity of all time.
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In one of their first real experiences to the German soldiers they were forced to wait for hours while the German ss counted every Jewish citizen. In the story Ellie says at one point “ we were put in cattle cars 100 to a car” the people barely had space to breath in such tight space cramped against 100 other skinny people. They would wait in their own waste till they reach their next location throwing any dead out into the snow with no berial along the way. The respect in general really shows the lack of compassion from the Nazi. One can only hope that they really didn't think that jews were people, because it tears people up to see a dog abused much less a human being. Believing that jews learnt people somehow kept people's morals intact. Dehumanization truly was one of the most important factors in the holocaust that allowed it to go on for so

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