Demographic Segmentation

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The demographic segmentation divides customers into segments based on demographic values such as age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, social class and nationality (Armstrong and Kotler,2010).Looking at the fashion conscious segment, researchers can define the transition between adolescence and adulthood as the continuous strengthening of one’s identity (Luyckx et al., 2013). Fashion today is considered an extension of one’s self and therefore is a representative of one’s identity. An example of this is someone who purchases PUMA shoes as they obviously like the look and quality of the product because there identity aligns with the characteristics of that particular product.…show more content…
This is charging as the watch moves on the wearer’s wrist. With all the threats of global warming and use of limited fossil fuels, the consumers of today are ever more conscious about the effects that their purchases might have on the environment ("Expression of Green Marketing Developing the Conception of Corporate Social Responsibility," 2010). With the eco-conscious consumers looking more at the impact of corporations on the environment and their activities. This has led to companies focusing on corporate social responsibility which ultimately adds to the attractiveness of a product for consumers who are concerned about the…show more content…
Benefits segmentation involves aggregation of individuals in a market into groups that seek similar benefits when choosing a brand or product (Orth et. al, 2004). Signorile watches will aim to be a watch that will serve various benefits sought not only because it is customize-able but also because it will provide options for people with sensitive skin specifically dermatitis from allergies. Allergic reaction to metals and leather is presented as dermatitis by external skin exposure therefore the materials used in the Signorile watch will be

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