Compare And Contrast Denial Of The Holocaust

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Over 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, yet people continue to deny that it ever happened. Some people believe that the Holocaust was completely made up by Jews to gain sympathy. Others believe that the Holocaust was exaggerated and they just can’t seem to wrap their heads around how many people actually died. Holocaust denial repudiates the truths of history and encourages anti semitism; however, there are many ways to spot and confront denial of the Holocaust.
The Holocaust was a genocide that specifically targeted the Jewish community. Gottfried shares that Jews were collected in box cars and sent to concentration or death camps. They were sent to different camps based on gender, ethnicity, age, and ability (12). Up to 6 …show more content…

Denial of the Holocaust is when someone completely disregards the facts of history and tries to deduce that the Holocaust never happened. Distortion of the Holocaust is slightly less severe, but still just as dishonorable, it is where they assume that the effects of the Holocaust were not as bad as they actually were. They consider that not as many people were murdered and that some of the documents from that era were forged is truthful. According to the USHMM you can spot denial if you hear this; 6 million Jewish people were never killed, Nazi’s had no intent to hurt the Jewish, or gas chambers never existed (Holocaust Denial par 7). As history shows these statements are very untrue and large sign of denial. A few common distortions are; the death of 6 million Jews is exaggerated, and that the Diary of Anne Frank is a forgery (par 7). Denial of the Holocaust hurts the personal and historical rights of the Jewish community, and it is wrong and disrespectful to them (par …show more content…

It is very important to confront denial because we are seeing a rise in anti semitism and if we accept anti semitism we as a society are more susceptible to other forms of racism and prejudice. (Holocaust Denial par 4). Remembering the past is an excellent way to understand our society and how it is today (par 5). If we continue to forget history it is bound to repeat itself, and we do not need more innocent people to die just because of their religion. There are countless ways to confront denial but there area few specific ways to stop it that will make the biggest impact. First of all you can research the Holocaust and find facts to prove that deniers are wrong, then you can share the truth with any deniers that may come your way (par 8). Finally you must always remember that no matter what happens you should stand up to people that are denying the Holocaust, or even just making a hateful statement aimed towards others(par 8), because if we just sit around letting these words be said we are going to be allowing hate for not just the Jewish but many other religions and cultures into our society. We do not need more hate because it is a very powerful emotion and we already have too much of it, adding more is just going to cause history to repeat

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