Introduction To Descriptive Psychology

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How does the Descriptive Psychology address this question regarding one of psychology is most fundamental concept, that of behavior. It begins by noting that all behavior is describable as an attempt on the part of an individual to bring about some state of affairs either to effect a change from one state of affairs to another, or to maintain a currently existing one. 1. The behavior focused intervention:
The applied behavioral science approach to intervention is based on the scientific philosophy of B.F.Skinner. Instead of targeting internal events such as thoughts and attitudes as is often the focus of contemporary awareness campaigns skinner believed psychologists should focus on behavior because, unlike thoughts and feeling, behavior
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The education and training information can be delivered though print or electronic media, or personally in individual or group setting. The research has demonstration that information delivered interpersonally is more effective when accomplished in small, rather than large, groups and when it actively involves participants in relevant activities and demonstrations. 1:2 verbal and written prompts:
“Prompts are verbal or written massages strategically delivered in the place where the target behavior will be happened. These messages serve as reminders to perform certain target behavior” . There was some psychologist identified several conditions under which prompting strategies are most effective. Specifically, prompts work best when the target behavior is clearly defined by the prompt, the behavior is reality easy to perform, the message is displayed where the target behavior can be perform and the message is stated silently. Prompts are popular because they are simple to implement, relatively inexpensive, and can have con have considerable impact if applied properly on a large
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Social situation means the interbehaviour of one human being with another human being. The class of social satiation is utterly different. There are other types about a social situation which should be noted.
The social situation may be relative momentary or it may be persisting or developing. A situation may or not involve the relation of a leader and the person.
The idea of social life further presupposes that the individuals participating in it have developed mature form of conduct, or what we might call personality.
Communication is a very simple form of social interaction. It may vary from writing a letter to a friend, to all modern methods of communication such as radio, TV and other mass media. The communication in the sense of developed form of symbolic language is denied to the animals .we say that language is symbolic communication because it consists of conventional signs.
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