Examples Of Determination In The Giver

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When people talk about a strong person they usually are referring to actual strength that people carry in their arms and body. In this case we will be talking about mental strength that your brain possesses. Jonas’s brain possessed determination. I believe that “Determination is the key to success”. Even in the end when everything is done than there will still be good in everything. I think that the theme is “Determination is the key to success”. The reason I chose this theme was because its seems like the most reasonable and visible theme. Jonas was finding a way to save the community and he never gave up. He was loyal to his plan. He had to switch it up a little bit but it all worked out in the end. He was determined the whole time to get the memories and feelings back so that there would be no release anymore. There would be no more secrets and no more lying. He would save the twins, the old, the mistaken, and the people who could feel more than the community has in its barriers. Jonas was never the type to give up, lets hope he doesn't give up on his community. When The Giver told Jonas about the release, he felt obligated to keep up…show more content…
“But he had come this far. He must try to go on” pg.175. His determination drove directly towards the child that lay cold and restless in his arms. He knew to fight for his community. He knew how to feed Gabe and take care of him. The only reason Jonas was still alive was because of Gabe and his community. If he would have chosen to give up, than he would have done everybody wrong. . All the memories that he had been exposed in the last year would have proceeded to stay trapped outside and the community would have never had to face the consequences of their doing. They don't know how to handle it because they were always taught to live like the community. Jonas wanted them to know. They were just going to have to get used to the
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