Examples Of Deus Ex Machina In The Odyssey

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Odyssey Essay It’s been said, “To erase the line between man and machine is to ensure the line between men and gods.” The Odyssey is an epic poem written in the 8th century by Homer, a Greek poet. There are multiple references to mythological gods and goddesses that appear in a man’s person’s daily life. It was believed that the mighty gods descended down from Mount Olympus to help a believer’s tasks. Prayers to the gods could be used to get a crew or companion home safely. For example, Odysseus had a voyage that lasted for a long time, and many thought he had passed. Homer’s purpose of writing the Odyssey is to connect mythology to the lives of the people living in the time period of this epic poem and the reader’s lives using deus ex machina.…show more content…
The citizens of Ithaca believe that Odysseus died, though only a handful of companions believe he is still alive. What many people is pray to the gods for a safe journey home for their companions, therefore deus ex machina is present. Another example of safe travel is found in book 21 of this Epic Poem. Eumaeus “...prayed likewise to all the gods…” (21.211) that Odysseus would return home soon, safely and unharmed. Mythological prayers to gods are very common during this time period of the Odyssey and were used for safe travels or for daily tasks that citizens would need to be overlooked throughout the…show more content…
Odysseus and his men Weren’t even nicked… (22.272-76) This example provides the information that when there is a life or death situation involving weapons and death, gods and goddesses tend to intervene. Athena decides to take Odysseus’ side because of his godlike traits, strength, and patience. The mythological deities present themselves to show that the xenia and good deeds from events, small or large, can add up to be blessed or to be saved from a deadly incident. Homer presents deus ex machina throughout, The Odyssey, to display how the Epic Poem is still significant today. During the plot of the poem, mythological gods and goddesses are present in people’s lives to aid them when problems arise. In the text, the gods play a prominent role in helping Odysseus travel safely home, blessing men and women, and aiding during a war between two powerful leaders. Even though these stories were written thousands of years ago, they are still applicable to many societies
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