Cognitive Development: The Five Theories Of Child Development

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The development of children is very important in every circle of life. Child development is a series with a definite pattern of changes in both the physical body and personal attributes which occur naturally from birth (Lynn and wolf 2008). There are five theories of child development developed by researchers to explain the process of child development, these are psychosocial, Piagetian/cognitive, cognitive neuroscience, information processing and context. Among all these five this essay is going to explore on cognitive and information processing approach. The aim of this essay is also to explain the developmental milestones focusing mainly on fine and motor development and to bring out what contributes to delays in reaching the milestones, assessing development of children from birth to the age of three. Piagetian/cognitive approach The way children develops takes place in many areas including the physical or motor skills, speech and language, social and emotional, cognitive and intellectual abilities (kid sense child development 2008). Due to these stages of development Piaget came up with a cognitive approach to further explain child development. Cognitive development is when one gets the quality to learn, process information, think and remember with time (Lynn and Wolf 2009). Jean Piaget came up with four stages of cognitive development but…show more content…
The reasons behind this might be due to down syndrome, another syndrome called foetal alcohol syndrome caused by expecting mothers who consume alcohol and the other syndrome is inherited called fragile x syndrome. The problem with speech usually occurs when the child as a baby is exposed to people of variety of languages. However some of these delays can be reversed if they are given immediate attention and early examination (web med
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