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Dialectic method is also known as “Socratic method” and this method is derived from teaching methodology of Socrates. It is a method of analysis using questioning approach. In this method, 2 or more groups debate on an issue and analyze the situation. They may have different opinions and point of views but they try to synthesize different point of views and opinions into a comprehensive and logical framework.
Using dialectic method in class: Dialectic method is a student centered approach that develops higher order critical thinking skills in students. Dialectic method involves question oriented dialogue. Teachers can use dialectic method
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This is a student centered method which is used to deliver conceptual knowledge rather than rote memorization. In this method teacher or instructor asks a probing question about any issue or concept he wants to teach. This question acts as a stimulant for students to think. Asking questions help students to analyze and evaluate the situation/ problem/question which are two higher levels of thinking (according to bloom’s taxonomy). In open ended discussion students share their ideas and thoughts about the problem, here conflict in the ideas may arise but each student have his own logic to support the answer? They can interchange their ideas and see the problem with different…show more content…
He did most of his work on pedagogy. He suggests 3 pedagogical rules to resolve issues in the compulsion of education.
Rule no 1:
According to Kant, freedom should be given to child since from his early childhood until he obstruct the freedom of others or he harms’ himself through his actions.
According to Kant it is a basic right of a child to enjoy and exercise freedom and independence. He should have right to do what he wants to but this freedom has certain limits. For example a child wants to play cricket he should be allowed to play because it’s his right but if he plays in such a way that he hurt himself or others or inhibit others freedom than it is not allowed.
Rule no 2: It is important to give understanding to child that he can only attain his own objectives if he allows other to attain theirs.
According to rule no 2, if a child wants to exercise freedom that he should keep in mind that other children also have the same rights. For example in drawing class if a student wants to use resource materials of class like water colors, marker colors during drawing than he must consider that other students will also have right to use that colors and he should ensure others freedom at this

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