Examples Of Dialectical Journal For The Great Gatsby

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Nikki Vollrath 3/1/15

The Great Gatsby Response Journal
Chapter 1 The narrator and book’s author in the story, “The Great Gatsby,” is Nick Carraway a man from the Midwest with a wealthy family. Nick starts by telling us about some thing he learned from his father. He learned not to judge people because they haven’t had the same advantages that he has in life. He tries to put himself in other people’s shoes so he doesn’t misunderstand them. He describes himself as honest and non-judgmental. He also mentions Gatsby and says how he represents everything he hates. Nick moved to New York to work in the bond business after he served in the army …show more content…

The guests act as if they are in an amusement park. One day one of Gatsby’s servants gives Nick an invitation to the party and he realizes he is probably the only one there who was actually invited. Nick hears many rumors about Gatsby throughout the night. No body really knows anything about Gatsby or how he got his money. Him and Jordan Baker hear rumors that he killed a guy, was a german spy, and also attended Oxford. In the midst of this huge party, Nick and Jordan want to find Gatsby, but instead meet a man who Nick calls Owl Eyes in the library. Owl Eyes is highly intoxicated and surprised that the books are actually real. Nick meets a man who says they served in the same division in the war. This man is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is not how Nick pictured him and is impressed with his smile. Gatsby also has a habit of calling people “old sport.” Gatsby does not participate in his parties and doesn’t drink with his guests. Nick is extremely fascinated by Gatsby. Gatsby speaks with Jordan privately and Jordan tells Nick after that what she heard was extraordinary. Nick leaves and on his way home sees Owl Eyes and another drunken man climb out of the car that they crashed. It shows the carelessness that everybody has. At the end of the chapter Nick talks about his life and how he works and had a girlfriend who lived in Jersey city to show he doesn’t just party and that’s it. He begins to see Jordan Baker romantically, but finds that she is the most dishonest person. She is a foil to Nick. He also finds out that she cheated in one of her golf

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