Examples Of Dialogue Script

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Quest Narrative in a Dialogue Script Style

Dialogue Script

My quest narrative will be in a dialogue script style, which I will be discussing, with a very good friend of mine, Ms. Cindy Blake. In the dialogue script, I will include the highs and the lows of this quest narrative, along with insights into why and what kept me moving toward accomplish this very important goal in my life.

CINDY: Hello Carolyn, how have you been doing these days?


CINDY: Why such a GREAT feeling?

CAROLYN: I have made a very important decision in my life and I feel like the, “angels in heaven are looking and smiling down on me” because I have decided to continue to pursue my career as a, future, new-hire, early childhood educator, receive my Bachelors’ Degree in Early Childhood Development at Kaplan University.

CINDY: I had to do some serious thinking about pursuing my educational career as well and as a result, I’ve finally finished and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education at Ashford University and now I am a permanent teacher at the Head Start Child Care Center, I have been employed with for quite a few years now. WHEW!!! I’m glad I have; finally, accomplish that very important goal in my life.

CINDY: What are the reasons for making this very important decision?

CAROLYN: As stated earlier, when we talked, there were many times, four, to be exact, where I attempted to end my career as an online early learning student
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