Examples Of Digital Image Processing

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used. For example: Red color indicates danger, Green color indicates nature, happiness etc. The most usual example of analog image processing is capturing images from camera and making hard copies of the images on a film. When the images are created by using analog photography, then the image is burned into the film by using a chemical reaction that gets triggered by the controlled exposure to light. The images in this processing are processed usually in a darkroom by using some special chemicals, so that the actual image can be created. This process of getting the actual images on a film with the help of some special chemicals is losing its popularity due to the advent of digital photography. The digital photography requires less effort and…show more content…
In a broader context, the digital processing can be applied on any two dimensional data. The digital can be represented as an array of real numbers or complex numbers that is represented by finite number of bits. This processing technique further helps in manipulation of digital images by the use of computers. In the digital image processing technique, it is also possible to convert the analog images which include transparency, slide, photograph or any chart into the digital format images with the help of image processing sequence. These analog images are obtained in the form of hard copies like photograph on a film etc., in this technique; an image that is being given in the form of transparency, slides, photograph or any charts is first digitized and is stored as a matrix of binary digits in the computer memory. The digitized image that is obtained can further be processed as well as can be displayed on a high resolution television monitor. The typical digital image processing sequence is shown below: Object Imaging --------->Sample ------------>Digital -------> Digital-------> Online------>

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